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Editing and motivating

There is some truth to the notion that deadlines are motivating… but I wonder whether boredom can outweigh that motivating factor sometimes?

These days I am trying to rework the text of my thesis, yet again. I think I am going to struggle to look at this text again. I am officially sick of it. And bored with it. And wishing that it was already behind me. I received some of the comments from the members of my PhD committee on Thursday, and am waiting for comments from a few others today and tomorrow. But I’ve already started working out some of the smaller, less time-consuming issues while waiting. Fingers crossed the comments of the various members of the committee are not contradictory. I’m hoping for smooth-sailing from now on. 

The trouble is not so much with the comments, or with the committee, or even with the PhD itself, the trouble is more with myself. I just find that I no longer want to work on this book. It’s 300+ pages tell a story that I know inside-out, that can’t teach me anything. I am spending my days restructuring sections, changing words here and there, thinking about the conclusions a bit more, but I am learning nothing new. And it’s pretty boring. 

 Boring means unmotivating. 

I wonder already how on earth I could ever come back to this text once the whole process is over. As part of my PhD contract here, I have to publish the PhD (which will require some text editing – AGAIN). I think a long holiday before I even think about it will be required. 

Back to the editing. Sigh.


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