Made it!

On 10 May, I handed a full draft of my thesis to my PhD committee… And then I enjoyed a weekend off for the first time in ages!


Not quite passed the finish line yet, as the doctoral committee have three weeks to read my thesis. The committee members (three professors) will then give me their comments on the text. I will have about three weeks after that to update the text, change parts etc. according to their comments (which will hopefully not be too many with nothing too drastic requiring change!).

The next steps for me include proofreading, checking formatting, taking care of the references and all that jazz while the committee are reading, before updating the text after I receive their comments. Nearly there, but it was such a relief to have handed in the full text already!

Getting close to the finish line…



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2 responses to “Made it!

  1. Patrick Putman

    Congratulations Claire! Well done.

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