Deadlines approach

I have just realised that I need to finish EVERYTHING in the next two months, or else wait until September. The curse of the university summer semester.

Lesson of the week: be sure to read the PhD regulations of your faculty early enough so that you know the sort of hoops through which you’ll have to jump in order to get this thing over and done with. This week I discovered that there are no PhD examinations in July and August. And that once I submit the thesis the jury have two months to read it before I have the internal examination. Then there’s another month before the external examination. So the examination process takes three months, unless they want me to carry out major corrections, then it would take longer.

Penny-dropping realisation that I had: my plan to submit my thesis in May is flawed. If the jury have two months to read it, then my internal defence would have to take place in July. But there are no defences in July and August, so in reality it wouldn’t happen until September! So what would be the point of submitting in May? I could just wait and submit in September and graduate later. But that would mean the whole thesis would be hanging over my head during the summer, and frankly, I just want to be rid of it.

New unbreakable deadline: APRIL 2013. AH!




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