But, why?

Lunch with some colleagues enlightened me to the fact that even some of the academics I really look up to face the existential crisis.

“I’m going through a questioning my work period today – why am I trying to publish this article anyway? Who is going to read it?” This was one of the comments of a colleague over lunch, a colleague who is a very successful academic, with lots of publications, teaching experience, someone who actually engages with policymakers and society! But even she has these moments. Suddenly I felt reassured. I’m not the only one who sometimes dreams of changing career path, throwing in the towel and becoming a baker.

At least then I would spend my days doing something concrete, with actual, tangible (and tasty!) results at the end of it.

I’m adding “become a baker” to my post-phd to-do list.

(image courtesy of graphicsfactory.com)


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