How about those resolutions?

Two-weeks since getting back from holidays, time for an update.

On 13 August, I was feeling the benefit of a break away. Here you can read a short post on how it felt to get back to the grindstone, and the sorts of brilliant plans I had for excellence. It’s now two weeks since I made those post-holiday resolutions, and time for a short assessment…

#1: Sport: I have managed to develop the habit of cycling to and from work! That’s nearly 14km of cycling every day. Just as well, because I haven’t been doing any other exercise… Although, the nice weather might be a motivation too. I wonder how I’ll manage to keep this up in deep winter?

#2: Walk around the office instead of wasting time on the internet: Fail. Can’t even count how many pointless websites I’ve clicked onto in the last two weeks. Shame.

#3: Get up early: if 7 or 7:30am counts as early, then success! Although, according to the successful guy talking about his power hour, early is more like 5:30am…

#4: Write, write, write: Actually, I haven’t done so badly on this one. Have written about 20 pages of one chapter in the last two weeks. The quality may leave something to be desired, but at least the ideas and words are there.

#5: Don’t stress out: I have become a zen master. The not-caring anymore has kicked in (does this count as being zen?).

#6: Time to cut down on extracurricular activities: Hmm. I guess this one still needs some work. But I enjoy going out in the evenings! I suppose cutting down doesn’t mean “cutting out”.

#7: Self-reminding about how this is all worth it: I may need to stick a note on my desk to remind me that this is indeed true.


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27 August, 2012 · 12:47

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