The power hour

This morning I had an update from linkedin: “find out what successful people do with the first hour of their day“! How could I resist? I could already guess, as I clicked on the link, that they didn’t do things like click on the links of articles with titles like “how to be successful” or “how not to procrastinate”. I could also already guess that they didn’t check their emails or their linkedin updates. That’s just what procrastinators like me do.

So, to summarise, for those of you who can resist clicking on titles like that, this article is saying that successful people get up early, do some exercise, may even do some meditation (or positive thinking exercises), eat nice breakfasts, and certainly do NOT check their emails. They take care of some of the more difficult tasks first thing. One person commented on the article saying something like: “I go for a 5-mile walk at 5:30am, I do sit-ups and push-ups and I have a great breakfast”, and he’s 72 years old. Suddenly I felt like a lazy so-and-so. I don’t even know what 5:30am looks like (unless I stayed up all night until 5:30am, but that’s a particular type of 5:30am).

I was beginning to feel guilty about my clearly unsuccessful life, and I decided to take stock of my morning routines. Would I ever be successful? Here’s what I did this morning for the first hour/hour and a half:

1. I got up at 7:25 (yeah, my alarm went off at 7, which for me already seems super early – probably could do better).

2. I checked my emails (BOLD!!).

3. I ate some cereal and drank some juice (breakfast – success!).

4. I showered (I’m sure even successful people shower, although they didn’t really mention this in the article).

5. I cycled 6.5km uphill to the office (exercise – more success!).

6. I spent the first half hour in the office chatting and making tea (not so much success).

I’ve obviously got the exercise and breakfast bit down. Now all I need is the super-early getting up time, the meditation and gratefulness, the NOT checking emails (or twitter, or whatever), the getting the major, annoying and difficult task out of the way first thing, and the not reading “how to be successful” articles online, and then, bob’s my uncle, I’ll be one of those successful people too. Oh yeah.


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