Back to the grindstone

Holidays are amazing. I didn’t even open my notebook, didn’t even think about the PhD once, just kicked back and relaxed, enjoyed some sunshine, good food, time with friends, a bit of gentle sport, and I even managed to read some fiction. Yes, that’s right: I read fiction! Can you believe it?!

Today is day one back at the office. I am full of energy after the break away, and somehow feel like, yes, I can do it, I can conquer this thesis business, I can get it done and get it written and all will be well. Taking a holiday is like breaking away and starting afresh. I feel like making new year’s resolutions, even though it’s not new year.

Resolution 1: it’s good to do sport, but I always complain I don’t have time. Resolution number 1 is to cycle to and from the office. Day one back at the office and I accomplished this one! Here’s hoping I can keep it up.

2: When I feel I can’t concentrate, rather than wasting time on the internet, I need to get away from the computer screen. New lack of concentration activity: walking around the office.

3: Get up early! Get to the office before 9am! Have a good morning of work and schedule meetings only in the afternoon. Day one back at the office, and I was here at 8:40am. Not bad, let’s keep it up!

4: Write, write, write…

5: … But don’t stress out. Nothing causes writers’ block more than stress. So what if today is a slow day? So what if I missed that deadline by a week? It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not worth stressing over!

6: Time to cut down on extracurricular activities. Life for the next 4-6 months will be PhD, PhD, PhD.

7: Constantly remind myself that this will all be over soon and that of course it’s worth it.

We’ll see how I get on… Keep your eyes open for future updates.


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