Summertime, the living is easy…

It’s July. That means the following:

– Students are gone! No more classes, no more exams to supervise/correct, no more emails to respond to students’ questions (all they need to do is actually read the course background information, but for some reason none of them think of doing that before emailing with questions…), no meetings with course organisers, no meetings with anyone.
– The office sounds like Thomond Park when Ronan O’Gara is lining up a kick.
– AKA: it’s quiet.
– I have lots of good intentions of writing my entire thesis in the next two months while there’s no students, no courses, no meetings, limited emails and lots of quiet.
– I am instead taking two hour lunches because I really want to finish reading this month’s National Geographic (you should check it out too: all about Easter Island, fascinating!).

But it’s all good. Because I have deadlines. EEK!


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