Six months to go!

Well, the lack of input into this blog over the past year may indicate higher levels of activity in research work. In fact, that is totally true! Somehow, somewhere along the way and over the course of the last year, things just went “click” and fell into place. I picked up a routine, I worked out the dreaded conceptual framework (political researchers, you know what I’m talking about), and I just got on with it. Finally!

But I’ve hit that panic station stage: six months to complete the full thesis draft, ah!

And what’s worse, I’ve discovered that although I enjoy writing, I just find editing and correcting manuscripts so incredibly uninspiring.

Here’s a status report. My thesis will comprise of 8 chapters. I have three chapters completed, and another two chapters drafted. The remaining three chapters are in a rather detailed bullet point format. On paper, that means I’m not doing so badly, that’s quite good progress… In reality, every time I send a draft of a chapter or outline of future chapters to my doctoral committee, I kind of cross my fingers and hope they say “oh well I suppose it’s good enough”. But they never do! It may be quite ok, but they push me to rewrite, rethink, restructure, until I occasionally hit walls of overwhelmingness. The constant circle of writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, sometimes makes progress look a bit minimal!

But all is not lost. I am basically fed-up. There’s nothing more motivating to get on with something than seeing the potential to have a life again. In 2013, my friends can expect to hear from me, my family can expect to see me, and the world had better watch out, because I will be free, and you can call me doctor. Oh yeah.


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