Sunshine is a problem

While starting this blog may have resulted from too much procrastination on my side, ignoring it for the last while hasn’t necessarily helped beat the procrastination. In fact, I just found new and interesting ways to procrastinate. Such as take two hour lunches and sit in the sun.

25°C in Brussels in April is not normal. If I meet someone in this weather who says climate change is a lie, I may just punch them.

So sunshine in Brussels in April is a problem for the climate, and for my PhD, but not in the sense that it proves anything in my PhD wrong – as the work is about EU climate policies anyway, it probably helps make my case, actually. It is simply a problem in terms of levels of motivation! Who wants to work when everyone else is on Easter holidays, and when it’s scorching weather outside?

Luckily (or unluckily?), I have several deadlines upcoming, so my two hour lunch yesterday did not turn into a three hour lunch. Just wasn’t an option.


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