Ways to beat procrastination

– make a to do list and then you’ll feel productive
– send an email to your supervisor so they think you’re working
– set up a meeting with some colleagues for ‘brainstorming’, in the café/pub
– plan what to wear tomorrow
– write a blogpost
– do some sudoku to help get your brain juices flowing
– clean the office kitchen, then complain that you always end up cleaning the kitchen and can’t someone else do it for a change, and doesn’t everyone know how busy you are and that you certainly don’t have time for kitchen cleaning?
– check news updates
– update your profile on linked-in
– check out your colleagues’ profiles on linked-in
– get depressed at how much more they’ve achieved than you
– get some coffee
– and tell yourself that you’re just as good as so-and-so and that it’s time to get yourself into gear and get productive!
– so start with a pro-active to-do list


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