A day in the life…

I have just completed a long to-do list for the next two weeks. In fact, putting together this to-do list made me feel so productive that I spent a good hour getting it done – writing out all the tasks, categorising them, coming up with ‘sub-tasks’. I actually had to restrain myself from colour coding.

But now I think that to complement the to-do list I need a proper timetable to achieve each of the tasks. So I am about to spend another hour familiarising myself with gantt charts. And then I will definitely have earned an afternoon cup of coffee.

Not to mention that slice of chocolate cake to go with the cup of coffee.

And once that hour-long coffee and chocolate cake break is over, I should really spend some time checking and answering emails.

And then it will be time to go home!

But it will have been a productive day – a complicated to-do list, learning about gantt charts, taking care of those emails, and writing! What more could be expected of a PhD student on a typical day?



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